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As an independent used car dealer, your goal is to sell vehicles to the public. Yet, with all the risks involved in running a business, yours has unique hazards as a result of having a location where accidents (like slip and falls) can happen onsite, injuries can occur while driving on the road, ... READ MORE >>

When Americans go to work, they expect their workplace to be safe — there is even a federal agency charged with workplace safety called the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). Although OSHA offers tons of tips for safety in nearly every industry, the writing can be difficult to understand, as it is written by bureaucrats. READ MORE >>

If your business sells, services or otherwise assists in providing consumers with the ability to purchase and use alcohol, you may need additional liability coverage to protect against claims. Liquor liability coverage is necessary for many businesses because it helps reduce the risk that a liability claim could have on the business' finances. READ MORE >>

Everyone deserves to work in a safe environment, where they can perform job duties without having to worry about their wellbeing. As a business owner, it's part of your job to provide a safe workplace and make continual efforts to maintain safety over the years. READ MORE >>

For a lot of my car dealership owners, driving a demo is a part of their life and for some, a part of their wife's life as well. A demo would be described as a vehicle out of the inventory that is driven on a day to day basis by an owner (or wife of), GM, controller, etc. READ MORE >>

Many people understand the importance of insuring property, whether for a home or business. But the need for property insurance doesn't begin once you move into the building. The plot of land and building materials face plenty of risks during the course of construction. READ MORE >>

If you're a beer enthusiast or self-proclaimed wino, opening up a bar or pub can be a satisfying career. But it's not as simple as stocking a bunch of bottles and opening your doors for business. You have to go through the right channels to obtain a business license, secure alcohol suppliers, decide on a décor theme and hire a skilled staff of bartenders and waiters. READ MORE >>

Selling used cars can be a rewarding and profitable business, but (like most businesses) it is not without risk. Between maintaining an expensive inventory that is subject to the weather and the liabilities of conducting test drives with customers, it's easy to see why insurance protection is so important. READ MORE >>

Southwest Commercial Insurance is proud to support the Texas Lions Camp in aiding children in need. Here's more information from the organization on what they offer: The Texas Lions Camp is a state of the art residential camping facility for children with physical disabilities, insulin dependent diabetics and cancer. READ MORE >>

Owning and operating a self-storage center can be a rewarding job if you enjoy working with people and helping them protect their assets. However, like all businesses, self-storage centers face multiple risks each day. Storms, fires, floods, theft, vandalism and even customers skipping out on rent can cause your business to suffer. READ MORE >>

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